3 Factors to Consider for First-Time Homebuyers

Buying your first home is an exciting milestone. As a major financial investment, however, there are several aspects you should consider before you buy a home. Taking steps to prepare will ensure that you get into a house you love — and that you can afford.

What Are the Key Aspects When You Buy a Home?

1. Monthly Budget

While it is important to save for a down payment and improve your credit score so you can get a better interest rate, determining how much you can afford to pay each month on your mortgage payments is also key to budgeting for your home. 

You should also be mindful of costs such as utilities, insurance, and property tax, as these can vary from home to home. Compare these costs to your income and other recurring expenses to help set a budget for what you can afford.

2. Lifestyle Factors

These are several factors that can influence your family’s quality of life after you buy a home. How long will it take to commute to work, and what transportation options are available in your area? What are the local schools like? Even factors such as the noise level in the neighborhood or proximity to area amenities could play a significant role in whether your family actually enjoys living in your new house.

3. Inspection Results

A new home may look perfect—but that doesn’t mean it is. Hidden repair costs can quickly eat away at your budget or even create hazards for your family. Before closing on a house, you should hire a professional home inspector who can provide a top to bottom look at the property. 

Identifying maintenance issues such as faulty wiring or leaky plumbing in advance will give you extra leverage during negotiations with the seller. Ideally, you should get the seller to address these issues before the sale or to provide financial compensation so you can take care of the problem after you move in.

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