3 Key Advantages of Selling a House in Winter

If you’ve been thinking about selling your house, you’ve probably come across advice about the optimal month or season. Usually, many real estate agents recommend doing so in the spring or early summer, partly because of the weather and the school year ending. However, if you’ve been feeling compelled to sell and move soon, don’t worry; winter comes with quite a few benefits. 

What Are Some Good Reasons for Selling Your House During Winter?

1. Numerous Relocations

In the corporate world, January and February are the months for relocations and new jobs. It’s useful for tax purposes, and it fits in during that break between semesters for most schools and universities. 

So, rest assured, many families are searching for a new home during the winter months. Additionally, the buyer may have a generous relocation package from their company that will make it easier to negotiate your asking price. 

2. More Serious Buyers 

Winter usually brings out the buyers who are willing to (or need to) make a move ASAP.  There are many reasons that people may need to move during the wintertime, and those who schedule showings and show up to open houses in the winter are generally more intentional and hoping to buy, especially in areas where the temperatures are freezing.

3. Less Competition on the Market

The spring and summer months are when most people choose to sell, which leads to a much higher supply during that time. As a result, those homes may end up competing with many others. During the winter, you are less likely to have to compromise your asking price and shift it to the range of the other houses in the neighborhood.

Whether you’re interested in selling your house or buying one this winter, contact Lawrence Realty. For nearly 75 years, this Red Wing, MN, company has been trusted throughout the state and Western Wisconsin. This family-owned and -operated business understands what people are looking for and their team is dedicated to finding the best options. If you want to sell and would like to speak to an agent, call (651) 388-4745 today. If you’re looking to buy and would like to browse their listings, you can easily do so online.

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